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BIM 360 is a single cloud platform for project delivery and construction management. BIM 360 makes it possible to track, manage, anticipate, optimize, and evaluate your projects. It allows your current project's design or construction to go as smoothly as possible by providing reporting data that helps to eliminate holdups, identify potential problems, and elevate your company to new levels of productivity. BIM 360 provides for all design collaboration, documentation, and plan reviews for the entire construction lifecycle, from pre-design stages to all the way through post-construction performance evaluations. 


You can start from basic lessons and follow along, or personalize your learning paths only in the areas you need or wish to learn.


Knowledge assessments can assist in progressing through the content or building playlists, while search tools can provide you on-demand support when you need it most.



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  • BIM 360 connects people, construction documentation, and data for all your projects, team members, and associates in one cloud-based platform. Under the umbrella of what is known as BIM 360 are actually several different modules, some self-contained and some dependent upon others, but all are connected to the same BIM 360 platform.

    Predict safety hazards, proactively manage quality, automate tasks, and reduce rework so that you can control costs and stay on schedule.